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Structured information searching

Citation search

Citation searching means that you start from a specific article or researcher to find out whether they are cited and in that case by whom.

Examples of citation databases are:

Film: How to Create Citation Overviews in Scopus

Scopus (2018, 1 oktober). Scopus Tutorial: How to Create Citation Overviews in Scopus. [Video]. Youtube. https://youtu.be/t2DWf8Umfj8

How to do a Cited Reference Search in Web of Science

Web of Science Training (2019, 3 december). Web of Science: How to do a Cited Reference Search. [Video]. Youtube. https://youtu.be/RnICk6tyGDY

Monitoring searches

In most databases you can create a monitoring for when new references appear based on your search query. This monitoring is called alert. Alerts may be obtained as an email or as an RSS feed.

You can often create alerts through the search history in the database.



If you choose RSS you will need an RSS reader that are in web browsers such as Explorer and FireFox or through Google. Read more about RSS feeds at the Swedish Internet Foundation. 

To get an email you will first need to create an account in the database.